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Because I feel so accomplished by acheiving all of this by 9.20 I will inflict it on you. By 9 I had already returned from the Hollywood Farmer's Market which is one of the things I will really miss from here. I bought all sorts of lovely things including lavender which is already in vases! I am that accomplished this morning!

But what I will not miss about the farmer's market is some of the wretched customers. I do not understand:

1. Why you try and pay with $100 bill and wonder why people can't change it at 8.30 in the morning and get all annoyed about this.

2. Why you think that x stall telling you their stuff is not organic is an opportunity for you to spend 15 minutes berating them about how they should go organic. I feel that this is not the way to convince them. You should probably also not tell them about the varieties they should grow or suggest that they don't really know what they are doing.

3. Why you cut in front of people, acknowledge it, and then still go ahead thrusting your money out. I don't mind waiting and I know that in these situations it's not always clear who is first but I do mind you smiling as you say 'oh, I took your place' and then going ahead because appparently you saying it makes it fine!

4. Why people bring dogs to these things and get miffed when they are told they are not allowed. I think your dog probably would rather a nice walk somewhere where people are not likely to step on its toes and tower over it.

5. The complaints about things being too expensive. The prices are what they are! If you don't want to pay $1.50 for something then why not buy it somewhere else? This is especially annoying if I later see you get into a $50,000 car.

Er, I didn't mean to sound that grumpy, but this is about 5 years worth of assembled annoyances being posted at once


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