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I have posted before about Father Ted one of my favourite comedies ever. Now the fact that one of the Scientology protests had a 'down with this sort of thing' poster, reminded me of how awesome it is. Here's a clip of the piece where Father Ted and Father Dougal protest The Passion of Saint Tibulus under threats from their bishop:

Sadly, not in this bit is where Father Ted says 'I know for a fact Saint Tibulus wore more clothes than that!' and Dougal finally realises that everyone in the film was naked. Behind the cut are a couple more clips, including the one where someone says 'I hate the Greeks! They invented gayness!' and their music video 'My Lovely Horse.'

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I am very grumpy this evening despite my team winning at the hockey (when that cannot cheer me up I must be extra grumpy). I think it has something to do with my mad insomnia which means I am currently getting
about four hours sleep a night. Not even copious consumption of gin and tonic (the cure that fixes all that hot whiskies cannot) is solving this problem. And there seems to be much grumpiness on LJ when I look at it, which is not improving the mood.

So I decided to cheer myself up by posting about Father Ted, which is my all time favourite comedy show ever. The plot is simple: three priests stuck together on Craggy Island, led by Ted, exiled there for doing something dodgy with money destined for Lourdes. The other two are Father Dougal, who may have joined the priesthood by collecting crisp packets, and Father Jack, who likes to imbibe toilet duck when there is no alcohol available.

Sample quotations:

Polly Clarke: My husband. Now there was a man who really was afraid of Virginia Woolf.
Father Ted: Why? Was she... following him or something?

And now on BBC1: Jurassic Park. The Director's Cut. With extra dinosaurs.

Father Dougal: It's nice to have a nun around. Gives the place a bit of glamour.

Father Ted: What was it he used to say about the needy? He had a term for them...
Father Dougal: A shower of bastards.

Father Dougal: It's like a big tide of jam coming toward us, but jam made out of old women.

pictures and quotations behind the cut. It will cheer you up, I promise! )


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