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So I was just reading Fforde's latest (I think) 'The Big Over Easy' and there is this exchange which I thought was really funny. A detective is being interviewed by her new superior officer (Briggs) in his office.

"Now, it says here one reprimand: you struck Detective Inspector Flowne with an onyx ashtray. Why was that?

"The table lamp was too heavy,' she replied truthfully enough, "and if I'd used a chair, it might have killed him."

"Which is illegal, of course," added Briggs, glad for an opportunity to show off his legal knowledge.

And I also have been watching this jdorama Beautiful Life which is about this hairdresser who falls in love with this disabled librarian. I am not mad about it, but it just had a very funny and uncomfortable scene. The librarian brought him home to meet her family because mum asks her to after she (chastely) spent the night at his place and they're all sitting around the table not able to say anything and then her older and very protective brother insists upon asking him about his intentions. And he's all 'intentions? plans?' and looks like a terrified rabbit. And them mum starts commenting on his curly hair and telling him it is very hairdressery and he looks even more uncomfortable. I don't know who the actor is but he does that 'get me out of here' look very well. I do fear that this one will end in tears, though.

ETA: Oh - and one other lovely scene in this story is when, even before they are going out, he bought her these gorgeous red shoes that she really wanted, just because he knew she wanted them. And she finds them when they go to his place because he's never worked up the courage to give them to her and realises that he really does like her; then he asks if he can hold her and how he should hold her and she say 'in the normal way' and they end up holding each other as she is sitting on the floor. It's just a really nice scene because their date has been a total disaster up to that point.

ETA 2: Oh, this is going to break my heart. *sniffle* I can just feel the doom coming.


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