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Praise behind cut! )

I was going to start watching My Girl and Brand but got side-tracked because I, Robot was on the telly. I know it's not a good film and it is nothing like the book which makes everyone froth but Will Smith makes everything better. I've watched some dreadful rubbish because of him. Sigh, how I suffer for the pretty, pretty people. I'm like some Christian martyr. Actually I might be like that early Christian saint that the Romans tried to kill by feeding her to man-eating seals. Didn't work, because those early Christians, they were tough.
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And not just the people on this list: you're all such smashing people

Praise behind cut! )

Writing this distracted me from the fact that our DVD player seems to have gone nuts forcing me to watch a completely random kdrama on the telly. It has no attractive people in it. Not one. Nor do I know what it's called. And judging by what I'm seeing I don't want to. And now they're trying to sell me ramen that will apparently make my husband happy. Hmmmm...

And if you want to be added to a second post let me know!
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Because you all deserve it: comment here and I will post about why I love to read your journal and find you so awesome.

(Stolen shamelessly from [livejournal.com profile] dangermousie)

And in exciting news: I had an actual idea about academic stuff today. Given that the last few days I've just been staring at the screen and thinking about how I have no idea how to go about editing the dissertation to become booklike this was THRILLING NEWS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE. I credit Shinwha, a Korean band I've never listened to, as it occurred after seeing a video on youtube featuring one of the members. Well, technically several hours after watching the video and then reading a really annoying and self-important article. But I prefer to credit Shinwha than the article because it was horribly, horribly smug.


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