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Thing are a bit smashing right now: I had a nice birthday, finished and sent in all my grades, and am off to Vegas tomorrow. In Vegas besides drinking and carousing and all those good things I will also be going to a spa (a lovely birthday gift) to fix the damage these things do. Touch wood for good humour continuing!

There are a million and one things I have to do when I get back, but hurrah for free time. I love Vegas because it is completely and utterly a frothy, useless place. It also probably signals the decline of Western civilisation but I shall be like a Roman at the end of the empire and just ignore that bit.

I have also been watching (astonishing!) some Korean dramas. I gave up on Lovers in Paris* and watched bits of Full House, where I commited the heresy of thinking the other guy was hotter than Rain. Though Rain was awfully cute and the only reason the character he played worked was because of his immense charm. Without that, he would just been an irremedeemable brat until about episode 8. Or maybe I just think that because I thought the heroine was utterly smashing and wanted to smite people who made her sad? I think I might have over invested in her a bit.

Sadly, due to issues with our old TV (presssed into use while we await replacement big TV) I cannot really watch anything on it and am forced to use the computer. Not really ideal as I like to do other things on the computer while I watch the telly. The struggles I undergo to watch Asian dramas!

*This made me wish that there was some sort of swap place online for these things as I have a few that clearly I am never going to finish and would like to send them off to people who would enjoy them. If anyone on my list would like it just shoot me an email.

Also I gave someone my copy of Long Vacation and want to buy a better copy of Mars; any suggestions of where to get them (I really prefer to buy and not have to burn the discs because I am lazyyyyy that way).

PS. To prove I am not a complete savage and do read things (many things! but most of them are too boring to share with you and involve long involved arguments about dead Romans) I started 'South of the Border, West of the Sun' which is just as good as all the rest of Murakami's works and am girding my loins to try and start 'Quicksilver' again. I find that book filled with really smug writing of the sort where you can just feel the author gloating over his cleverness on every. single. page.


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