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- Heroine sadly only makes short appearance as novice. Throws off veil with abandon and becomes dealer in casino (can't believe another nun sent her off to that job! What is the Catholic church coming to?). Hmphfff!

- Gambling rather boring to watch. As are shenanigans involving casino financing

- I was promised a love triangle that hasn't appeared by episode 9. Shame on you back of box writers!

- Can't work out if I think the hero is ugly or attractive (he's got one of those faces). But feel sorry for him a bit after he spent years in jail for a crime he committed for the heroine (not that she knows about it).

- Was shocked by appearance of male bottoms in bath house scene especially given the Victorian sentiments of kdramas re. nekkidness.

- Secondary heroine is giantess. She's got to be the tallest woman I've ever seen on Asian TV. Also her story and that of secondary hero is really, really boring.

Pat Barker's The Ghost Road was a horrifically predictable WWI novel and was really disappointing. I know it won the Booker Prize and all, but still it was WWI by numbers - complete with cameo by Wilfred Owen. It is not coming to Vancouver but will be sent off to Goodwill (if they'll take it - apparently Out of the Closet didn't take my friend's books. Or that futon matress we lugged up the stairs). The tiger in Life of Pi should eat people who refuse to take books!


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