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You know what I'm talking about: incest. I don't read fanficion about it and I'm not interested in fanfiction about it, but you know it's a wide-spread theme in literature and history. I'm mostly pissed about a community devoted to Lolita being deleted.

1. Greek myth
2. Sophocles
3. Stendal
4. Lolita
5. Tolkein
6. Roman history (Claudius and his niece! Oh my!)
7. Greek history
8. Rome the Series
9. Korean soaps and their stepsiblings in love plots
10. Euripides
11. Aeschylus
12. The Bible.
13. Egyptian royalty

That took me 10 seconds: I am sure you can suggest more!
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This just about blows my mind. I don't think I have any odd interests listed, but I guess someone could think that my journal title is creepy because I am apparently in love with a long dead communist leader (OMG! Necrophilia!). And I guess there is the Korean soaps which feature stepsiblings in love.

But I don't really want to be on a blogging site that is so dumb that it gets rid of communities devoted to reading Lolita because of their subject matter or because they are so scared they can't even be bothered to check. But I also don't really want to move and find everyone again. I like you all Flist! I like reading you! I like that I can browse through people talking about Asian dramas, knitting, Heroes, SF, history, their pets, and everything else all in one lovely go. This is why I have a paid account, because I think this is well worth paying for.

I also don't want to have to go friends only because some people out there think it is their duty to banish porn from the internet (good luck with that one, btw, I figure you've taken on the labour of Sisyphus if you're aiming at that). It's not that I even really read the stuff most of the time as my Victorian sensibilites are easily shocked. But that's not the point: if a site runs scared the first time anyone appears on the horizon and starts making noise, they'll run scared again fast and the circle of things people can actually discuss will grow smaller and smaller. And it won't include a huge chunk of literature and history which often deals with nasty or unsettling things.

I am rather tempted to set up a community devoted to reading 'The Charterhouse of Parma' and see what happens.


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