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Doramas are replete with one thing I love: love triangles. Sometimes they even up the ante and have love quadrangles. It is very exciting. Sometimes the losing party is very nice. Sometimes not so much so. In fact, often they are completely insane. I rather like the insane ones especially when they go right over the top, myself, but often you blink and wonder how the writers think any human being could be so self-absorbed. And then you go back to watching and enjoying hating.

So why not try your hand at matching the lines with the perfectly insane losing person in a love triangle:

1. 'Oh, sorry I left you without a word at the worst time of your life to do important things overseas! And I never called. Or bothered to explain why I left! But you're still waiting for me, right? Because you totally promised.' [There's actually two people who fit this one]

2. 'Don't you remember telling me we'd get married one day at that wedding we went to when we were 10? Yeah, well I've to come cash those chips in! Don't worry that you are clearly not interested, haven't seen me for 15 years, and keep insisting you'd rather die than marry me. I'm sure it'll pass. Just keep playing that piano.'

3. 'Hey, the guy you loved just died? It's been entire months since that tragedy and I will now point out that you are insanely stubborn for still resisting my advances and mourning him. Even though clearly you are reminded of your loss by having to work with his twin brother every day. But I have money! And I totally don't care if you love me as long as you're with me.'

4. 'I know you don't want to marry me and are still in love with my stepsister who I ran over with a car and left to die many years ago and are now entranced with this girl who looks just like her. But look at my mad eyes! Aren't they alluring? And who doesn't love being forced into marriage by his mother?'

5. 'You can't remember anything? That's good, because I baked these cookies for you. No, they don't taste anything like the cookies you are yearning for and clearly you are distressed and I am not the person you are trying to recall. But I baked cookies! And I am manically cheerful to the point of madness. Which is exactly in tune with your, er, sunny personality.'

6. 'So...here's the deal: I'll take you out, make it seem like your husband is still pining for someone else, lie to you, frame him, and force you to marry me to get him out of jail. But you'll come around soon, right? Here, have some jewelry.'

7. 'I know I said I loved someone else and broke your heart and you're now married. But remember that promise you made when we were little kiddies to always protect me? Could you fulfill that? But I still don't love you. And this might ruin your film career. Oh well, IT'S ALL ABOUT ME. Also, to save us some time I told your wife she should leave you as you didn't marry her for love. You can always get a cleaning lady, right?'

Feel free to suggest others!


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