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So I guess this will another one of those super popular kdramas whose appeal totally escapes me. Actually, the appeal doesn't totally escape me, but so far I just find the heroine really, really annoying. All of her mannerisms and her quirky little traits which are supposed to be sweet and cute and all those things just set my teeth on edge. I don't think it's the actress because I liked her in another drama, but whenever her character appears on screen there is an awful lot of use of the ff button.

Mainly, I think it's because despite the show clearly wanting us to think that she's quite bright and just a free spirit, I just think she's a twit. She appears incapable (despite having lived on her own in Paris for a while) of doing anything for herself - she can't flick a fuse, can't sell a dress, can't do a job, can't clean a drain, can't sell cigarettes, etc. I don't demand a superwoman, but I do like my drama heroines to be not totally clueless. Or if they're clueless then there should be a reason for it, instead of them wandering around like addled gerbils. And they should not have an eternal moue of astonishment as their primary expression.

Er, the scenery is nice, though.

ETA: For the love of all that is good and holy, she can't even remember to pick up her luggage after getting off a plane. Okay, I know that her forgetting stuff has been a running joke but still...

Still, I pine for Mawang which is quite 5000 times better than this.
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Back from Monterey Park and shopping and eating lovely food. I went to the video store and though it was difficult to find some things (and especially working out what had subtitles and what was just pretending) because of the sheer amount of videos, I made some purchases.

Among these was not 'Vampire Gigolo' a Hong Kong (I think) drama which looked terrifying in all sorts of bad, bad ways. I also did not buy 'Salt Doll' or some of the more surreally titled Korean dramas. Or the one which promised me a touching tale of 'mordern' love set in a 'metropolitan' which had many 'harpless' situations. Those harpless situations - just when you need to twang a few strings, there you are without one and all hell breaks loose.

I couldn't find a lot on my recs list, or when I found them they were subtitleless but this was the haul.

I bought:
My Girl
All In

My friend bought me as a birthday gift:
Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (this was a compromise because I wouldn't let her buy the vampire one and this looked promisingly odd)
Lovers in Paris (there's a lovely cover on this one and 53% of the Koreans who watched the last episode surely couldn't be wrong)

ETA: Oh noes! My borrowed copy of A Love to Kill won't play on my DVD player or my computer! So I go Rainless for a bit longer. I am watching 'Lovers in Paris' instead.

ETA 2: Okay, so I know that the heroine of Lovers in Paris is supposed to be quirky and freespirited but she's so bloody dumb I find myself wanting to smack her. Who, in dire straits for money, would after landing a job as a maid proceed to takes baths, drink wine, watch TV shows and do no cleaning up? And then leave behind the cigarette stand she's in charge of and expect everything to be there and not damaged? She's got all the wits of a mentally challenged squirrel. I've already started fastforwarding as it's really hard to have a whole lot of sympathy for someone who causes half of her own misfortunes.


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