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I look my flist and what do I see? Endless posts celebrating the new Doctor Who companion, Martha. But where is the love for the TARDIS? Are we so shallow that we are overcome by love of the shiny, new companion and forget the one thing that the Doctor has left of Gallifrey? If you ignore the fact that at some point they are surely going to end up bringing it back because who doesn't like silly costumes and trials where the Doctor has to fight for his honour. I know that you are posting about all of this just to personally OFFEND ME WITH YOUR ANTHROPOMORPHIC PREJUDICES.

I plead with you all! I beg on behalf of the machine that cannot speak for itself: discard your PREJUDISM! Celebrate the love of the doctor for his craft!


Won't anyone think about the TARDIS?

Run, run to [livejournal.com profile] doctard and become one with us. You know you want to once you've peeled away your tendencies towards the celebration of the humanoid lovin.' Death to anthropomorphism, the worst ism there is!

ps. Why is there no lj mood for mad? More prejudism!!!!
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] jonquil, we have a name for the Doctor/Tardis ship: DocTard.

As I've already done a photo essay on their OTP (Their love is is a forever thing), the next step is surely a community. A community where we can discuss everytime he lovingly touches, fondles, manhandles, or leans against the Tardis.

But because I believe in democracy, here is a chance to vote!

[Poll #817954]


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