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Today I was in Borders looking for a manga (didn't find it, which was probably as well given my purchases at Clarins and Sephora earlier) and had to wait for someone for a bit. So I decided to loiter by the magazine section and catch up reading about things which can be compressed into short, breezy articles. Now, the only magazine I get on a regular basis is Goalie's World, a fine periodical about hockey goalies and their techniques (this is a little like pornography if you like to see pictures of well protected men doing the butterfly). That's it, really. I never buy women's magazines and if I am going to read something in a supermarket queue I opt for People or something with exciting scandal.

How do people read these things? I don't care about the doubtless problematic body image they project, the idiotic clothes that they present as 'fashion' (some of which would not look out of place in a particularly ill-costumed Bollywood film), or things like that. I DO CARE THAT I CANNOT FIND THINGS IN THEM. You pick it up because it has a picture of someone on the front and says 'X tells all' or 'Y's sexy look' or (in this case) 'fashion secrets of Marie Antoinette'* and then you think 'oh, I'll flip to that interview' and 10 minutes later you are STILL LOOKING. They are also really bloody heavy. It is probably lighter to carry around the unabridged version of Clarissa than some of these.

But I did find out that apparently the new BSG is ready for queer viewers from some other magazine. Because it is gender neutral or something like that. And I did buy Hockey News' fantasy guide. So all was not lost.

*Because that is a look you want to copy without a passel of servants and a court to admire you. Right.


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