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1. Fiction where Catherine of Aragon and Thomas More run off to the colonies and have babies and are all decent and dignified together. Of course, you'd have to kill off all of More's family or make him single, but it's a small price to pay for both of them having a happy ending. I AM NOT KIDDING ABOUT THIS.

2. The next episode of Mawang to be subtitled. I need to find out what is happening next and as I know not a word of Korean my mad speculations about unsubtitled episodes are based on nothing other than 'hey, look at the pretty people angst.'

3. School to be over. 4 more teaching days is 4 too many.

4. Wretched article to be finished. This is the only thing I can actually do anything about, so, of course, I am dithering about it as it's in those final stages where you know you need to fix things but when you fix one thing it means that other transitions don't work and other things don't fit.

ETA: Why is all The Tudors fic (please don't judge me for looking!) about boring old Henry and various tedious twits of the court and none of it about Catherine? Or Thomas More? THE INTERNET HAS FAILED ME. WOES!


May. 8th, 2007 09:57 pm
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...you make me forget that Griffith Park is on fire and if the fire gets past all the rich people's mansions we're next. Poor firefighters; it must be horribly dangerous working like this in rough terrain and in the dark. I hope they're all okay. Of course, people are out taking pictures doubtless so they can put up their nine billion shots of the red night sky in their blogs and turn tragedy into art. Actually, I shouldn't be mean, but still they're got tripods and things out.

But Mawang. Oh I thought you were a bit slow but still lovely, but now you pick up the pace. Yes. And there is personal tragedy and things are coming together and I really want to know how the tragedy that started the killings (for Mawang is about a serial killer picking off a bunch of seemingly unconnected people) happened and who it involved.

Cut for spoilers )
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I am engrossed in Pride at the moment, but taking some time out to watch Mawang (The Devil) a Korean drama recommended by [livejournal.com profile] alexandral who did a lovely picspam on it in her journal. Click here and scroll down for lovely, atmospheric pictures.

I'm only on the first episode but it has a lovely creepy feel to it, which is appropriate for a show about a serial killer. I haven't seen too many Korean dramas since I was a bit disappointed by Winter Sonata (which my local Asian TV station was playing) and by some of the others I've seen. I don't know...they all seemed to be shot on videotape and looked rather cheap. Of course, there were some issues with some of the subs I had for some of the ones I bought on Ebay as well. But this one is lushly shot and looks very sleek and disturbing. But I don't know when I will have time to watch it and all the other doramas I now want to see.

As for Pride I quite love it. Cut for spoilers )


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