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How precisely did Agent Prim get to become an agent, again? Was it collect five crisp wrappers and join some government organization of your choice? Because there's gullible and then there's gullible.

Also I need more icons! Preferably with THEY MOVE LIKE COUGARS on them.
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Someone lent me season 1 of this on DVD and it is superbly cheesy. Like cheesy toast with a side of cheese on a cheese plate. (I've seen random episodes before but I suspect never season 1. Or if I did I forgot all about the annoying boy wonder sidekick.) I love how, like every other immortal being ever in the history of ever, Duncan MacLeod also suffers from the curse of flashbacks that feature lots of bad clothing and worse accents. Um, also, boy wonder sidekick just made eyes at Duncan in a really disturbing way.

Plus I am still watching The Mentalist and relishing its many delights. While the main attraction is obviously Simon Baker and his rumpledness and grin, I quite like them all, including boss lady who is certainly not interested at all in him and mainly seems to wonder how she got saddled with him and his wacky genius. Despite my unrepentant shipping ways I quite approve of this; I rather hope she turns out to be a lesbian so he doesn't get his manpain cured by the love of a good woman. I really want an icon of her rolling her eyes as Simon Baker grins in the background.


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