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In about an hour I'm off to the airport and then to Los Angeles for a few days. Then I depart for Ireland, yay! All my grading comes with me as a treat for the plane.

And...I watched last night's episode of Moonlight. Oh god, it's so dreadful and still sometimes so mesmerizing. I kept changing the channel when Mick's questionable hair got too much and yet I still turned back to keep watching. SAVE ME, PLEASE.

ETA: How could I forget! I finished The Little Fairy. There was much manpain, people aging 50 years, woman pain, a badly CGIed dragon and storming of heaven. Throughout it all Hu Ge kept a deliciously blank expression even when the emperor of heaven chucked him though the convenient hole in the middle of his courtroom. I must watch more Hu Ge doing his 'I think little but still I suffer' expression.
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I'd seen tonight's Torchwood so I decided to watch Moonlight. Well, it's improved but it still reminds me of the cheesy bits of Forever Knight. Though they do stick the star in tighter pants as an effort to sell the show. I don't really have a problem with that because I am not at all classy.

Cut for spoilers for latest Moonlight )

I also have been watching Blood Ties which I am very much in love with (I just ordered all the books). But I very much prefer Mike over Henry. I know: Henry is the glamorous vampire, bastard son of Henry VIII, doomed to eternal night, etc. but still I prefer Mick. He's so earnest and I fear doomed to lose Vicki to Henry.

I love Vicki unreasonably though I feel that she is a little unfair about Mike and rather willing to overlook Henry's chequered past. You would think that she would be unhappy about the deaths, being a homicide cop and all. Though I like that they've sold this as loyalty to a partner. Though I think it would be more in character for her to be a bit more freaked about this.

Tomorrow I am off to see Om Shanti Om. Shahrukh Khan, baby. Sadly, this is my most anticipated film of the year.

ETA: Today I also went to a talk on Manga. It was very interesting and had some gorgeous images from old Manga artists. Plus the speaker was a very charming academic who had once been invited to judge a Cosplay competition in South America because of her research.

Plus I didn't know that the first person to use the word 'Manga' was the artist of '36 Views of Mount Fuji.'
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I just signed up for 'Zip,' which is Canada's answer to Netflix. I loaded up my list only to find that the first thing they are sending me is...number 25 on my queue. This does not fill me confidence given that the rest of the things are hardly cutting edge and in huge demand (Last of the Mohicans, Forsythe Saga, Chunking Express, etc.). I am guessing this is supposed to lure me into spending $3 to get things earlier, but that I think that's a bit cheeky.

I spent most of today buying things. Like exciting red ankle boots and a rather thrilling cloche hat which I am not sure suits me really. But still it is rather appealing and after I manage to find a hairdresser here it might work better with properly cut hair.

I also spent some time trying to wrap my mind around the pit of dross that is Moonlight.

I am cutting this less to save spoiling you than because the show is just so terrible )


Sep. 28th, 2007 09:15 pm
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I am only fifteen minutes into this and so far it is one of those shows where you just cringe for everyone involved, it's that awful. What. were. they. thinking?

Mostly I am wondering what book of cardboard characters they were using when they were 'writing' this show. And when was the last time Sophia Myles got to sleep.

ETA: And I want that professor's teaching gig. It looks super easy.

ETA 2: While I am usually very careful on the spoiler cutting of things I refuse to in this case because it's for your good (and besides this is the sort of show you can't spoil because it's so rubbish). The ENDING!!! With the world's most unsuitable droopy and romantic song playing over a scene of someone stabbing and setting fire to their ex-lover!!


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