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This is our hero, Gong-chan. When Gong-chan is not paying people to impersonate his cousin, managing hotels, and angsting over his forbidden love for his fake cousin he likes to make his own jackets from the upholstery of the ugliest furniture he can find.

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Episode 6 is usually where Kdramas really find their feet in the angst department. My Girl has not let me down.

We have Girlish Secondary Hero angst. I shall name him now because his pain moves me: Jung-woo. Jung Woo has now fallen in love with heroine. And given her a snow-man for her birthday. Very touching, though he still won't get the girl. He and Philip from Spring Waltz should get together and swap notes about how being really, really nice doesn't work. And then angst in the snow because that would be quite affecting. I am also going to watch a film with the actor as a cross-dressing clown that a Korean king falls in love with. (No, that is not at all relevant to the subject at hand, but LJ has this power to compel you to post everything that is going through your head.)

Heroine (Yoo-rin) is also sad because she loves the slightly priggish hero who cannot lie. (He can, however, pay other people to lie which is apparently entirely different. I feel like this is not a fair stance but I am not writing this thing.) Her dad has also been thrown in jail and she needs more money to get him out which is not lightening her mood at all. But she cannot ask the obvious source (Jung-woo) because of awkwardness about the whole being in love thing.

Hero (Gong-chan) is the least angsty of them all. Of course, he is saddled with the completely annoying Tennis Girl of Lip Gloss Excess (or TGoLGE from now on) so he does have pain. He looks nice when he worries but I am not sure what he will be like in full angst mode, however, I look forward to finding out. I figure that should be episode 9 or so.

TGoLGE is evil. Yes. What a biddy. She invites Yoo-rin to her triumph party for tennis excess and gets all huffy when Gong-chan goes to look for her because she is not feeling well. And then she insists on him taking her home because she never saw a party she didn't feel entitled to crash. She is all huffy because after deserting Gong-chan for two years everyone is not all delighted that she has decided to go for him again. And she mopes because he is not as madly in love with her as he was before she dumped him without a word. I suggest she checks some astronomy textbooks and finds out that the universe doesn't actually centre on her. She is also keeping the lip gloss industry working overtime to feed her clearly insatiable desire to smear the stuff on.

I love the aunt of Hero and her sort of thing with person-I-not-sure-what-he-does who works for family.

ETA: Where does Gong-chan buy his clothes? At 'Hideous Carpet-like Jackets 'r Us'? MY EYES ARE BEGGING FOR MERCY.
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1. Heroine is quite lovely, though I am not as mad about her as perhaps I should be or will be later. Still, anyone who is still so fond of mad, gambling father and refuses to think ill of people is quite smashing. And she is quirky in a fun way. And I like her fantasy sequences and her glee at actually having luxury.

2. Hero is a bit boring. I am sorry because though he is gradually overcoming his odd obsession with rules and being upright and morally priggish he still has a way to go. Also at one point I suspect his jacket was made out of random bits of carpet he found around the house. And let me point out: if you have paid heroine to pose as your cousin to soothe your grandfather's dying hours then maybe you should not be so superior about never lying. Because paying someone else to lie is much the same thing. Though bonus points for out sourcing in such an original way.

3. Secondary male, aka Girlish Boy is far more fun. I am seriously obsessed with Girlish Boy and his prettiness and his excellent flowing locks. He's prettier than Cherubino in Marriage of Figaro and he has much better coats than the hero.

4.Evil Tennis Playing Girl: so far not so much evil as really annoying. You know, usually when you dump people at the worst point of their life and then don't phone them for two years they are not so excited to see you again. They probably HARBOUR DEEP RESENTMENTS. However, as according to the Law of Kdramas, your first love is the only love for you I can see why you would be smugly secure in the belief that he would accept you back with open arms. She also has a touch of the mad eyes which is always the sign of bad things to come.

My Girl

Aug. 2nd, 2007 08:51 pm
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So now I am watching My Girl, a Korean (what else) dorama with a delightful heroine (I hope I don't fall out of love with her because that would be sad). It involves a girl with a useless, yet quite fun, dad who owes money to the mob. She has quite a talent for telling lies but only in the cause of employment and saving herself. She meets up with a rich company heir whose grandfather is dying and regrets the terrible wrongs that he did to his daughter and granddaughter. This is a crucial plot point: you know this because people bring it up about very 20 minutes.

But I am not as interested in the leads as I am in two male secondary people who both look astonishingly like girls. Seriously, the first time I saw one of them I thought he was a rather pretty girl until he spoke and even then I doubted if he was faking a low voice. I also think he was wearing lipstick. The other one is important in some way but still girly but has awesome kung-fu skills. I trust there will be a plot revelation about both of these are related in some way. I care more about this than I do about the leads getting together (as they surely will). But at the moment I have issues telling them apart.

And there is some tennis player. I think from reading other people's journals she is EVIL.

I also watched a few episodes of Silence, with the phenomenally goodlooking Vic Zhou. That one is drenched in angst that I cannot mock because even though it is way over the top I love the characters.

Er, and I translated some lines of Cicero. Oh, Cicero, you may have been a wanker but you really did love the idea of Rome like no one else did as the Republic collapsed around them. And no, no one, wrote Latin prose like you. Simply gorgeous.


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