Dec. 19th, 2005 03:42 pm
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Saw Narnia last night and loved it, every minute. Well, perhaps I would have chosen a different voice than Liam Neeson's for Aslan, but he doesn't actually speak very much so not too much pain there. I have to admit to being intrigued by them following the path of the BBC productions and making Edmund so much less attractive than his siblings. It's always those uncomely ones who are traitors, I tell you! (BTW, that's a joke in case anyone takes it too seriously.) The children were remarkably good actors as well, which makes a nice change from the Harry Potter school of acting that seems to be endemic.

On Wednesday I'm off to Ireland. I am horrifiedly realising the amount of things I have to do before I go. Like ensure I actually have some clean clothes to wear. I think the presents are all done, thank heavens, but my apartment is in an appalling state. And this time I will remember to clean out the fridge before I go. And this time there won't be the terrifyingly awful woman my mother decided to invite to Christmas dinner in attendance for the festivities. This woman's first (and primary) topic of conversation was her breasts. And her amazing breast reduction which involved at least 30 minutes of telling us how big they were before the reduction. That was followed by reminiscences of her first husband's kinky sex life in Los Angeles. Not exactly what you want for first meeting chit-chat. Combine that with my mother (who had invited her) going to sleep and leaving us to entertain said woman and you have all the ingredients for a Christmas that will live on in infamy and in the memory of the hangover the next day.

Tomorrow I am off to Artesia to see Bluffmaster if all the plans go well. Hopefully my friend won't let me down.

PS. At the moment there is some mad police activity going on outside; there are about 20 police cars, several helicopters and many streets blocked off. Apparently someone is holed up in a house with a gun.


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