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Caprica's Heavy Machinery News would just like to point out that its issue 'Gauge sizes and tititanium screws: 3" or 2"- which is optimal?' was more riveting than this week's episode. It had a certain train wreck quality (akin to reading our rival publication, Big Hulking Lumps of Movin' Metal) but not a lot else.

And that wanker Adama has confiscated our last issue in the name of 'military security.' I guess he didn't like our calendar 'Hot men and women of the Galactica fix things in their underwear,' featuring Captain Adama as Mr. Fix-it for July. Hey, we have no prurient interest - it was all for charity. Charity, I tell you.

In other news the BBC adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South is stupendously amazing and wonderful and I am only sorry that it was not longer. Those Northern men sure know how to brood. And lead a strike. I approve of both, by the way. It is a pity that they can't combine the two for some character in a BBC drama.
There's a community recently started for it here: North and South.

ETA: Also I am reminded of the comedy series Brass which was set in a Northern town in the 1920s; it was replete with self-made men, nyphomaniac aristocrats, feisty socialists, and gormless lovers. In other words, it was excellent. Especially the inevitable statement every episode of 'there's trouble at Mill.' I wished someone had said that once in N&S - you know they were itching to.
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My North and South DVDs have arrived and now I will get to see the second half, complete with feisty Margaret, glowering Thornton and whatever else Gaskell and the screenwriters can throw in! You have no idea the agony I was in, having returned the first DVD to netflix and not having the second.
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Or, do you have to be good to be saved?

Spoilers for the last episode in the US ahoy )

Also I saw the first DVD of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South and am pining to see the rest. I may or may not have ordered it online with a gift certificate I have in my enthusiam.


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