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For bringing me nuns and gamblers. I do not really like nuns much having been terrorized muchly by them throughout my education but they make for excellent melodrama. Novice sister Angela, I suspect you are not long for nunishness but still there was nunning for a bit. Huzzah! And these are my first kdrama nuns!

Also: tiger does not eat kid in Life of Pi. Very disappointing. As was Shizuko Natsuki's Portal of the Wind, which needed much longer to properly work out the creepy plot (about head transplants and loss - hey, it sort of worked before he explained the details in graphic closing chapters). Though a fabulous ending paragraph which made up for not very good closure.

Here it is (it doesn't spoil anything):

"And Tsuneyo made up her mind that in memory of her father and what had happened to him, she would never forget this vison of a door in the wind, which could open up and swallow people."

Now on to Pat Barker's The Ghost Road - I am ashamed to say how much dust was covering that one. I've got to stop buying books and leaving them in piles for that magic moment when I will have time to read them all.

PS. I hope you will all be properly impressed when I say that I got up at 7:30 this morning to help a friend shift some stuff for charity people to pick up. And that between the two of us (neither of us very large) we carried a giant futon matress up the 40 steps from her house. I thought I would die at about step 30, but still it was done!


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