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I was typing up this entry on what I personally think is the funniest secret Santa story ever, but then I had to stop myself because in the middle I suddenly thought 'I bet other people find this very disturbing.' So I stopped myself. *sigh*

Today I went to Universal Studios because I rather like completely chucking money away and being whirled around on fast rides. Except for the ones where you worry you will lose your glasses, because those aren't fun and only scary because you start thinking about how much it will cost to replace them and how annoyed you will be and then you miss the fun of being fake-scared.

I have the past two episodes of Battlestar Galactica on my Tivo but can't bring myself to watch them because I think I will just be annoyed at most of the characters, and I've had it up to here with the endless and (IMO) rather drippy tale of Lee n'Kara's annoying love story of self-absorption. I just want shiny Cylons with guns and some sort of vague fleet on the run narrative, but I don't even get that these days. I actually don't find the soap opera part of BSG that interesting.

Er. Okay, I think this is random enough for one entry. Yes, indeed.

ETA: to make this even more random, here's a pointless Roman belief: Pliny the Elder thought that stepping over a beaver (or beaver oil) would cause a pregnant woman to miscarry. AND THIS MAN WAS IN CHARGE OF THE ROMAN FLEET ON THE ITALIAN COAST. Whenever I read this I wonder if beavers were all over the place in Rome as pets or something, because that sounds like a very strange thing to worry about. He also has this very strange anxiety about two headed snakes and how pregnant women should deal with stepping over them. I personally think it would be quite funny to produce an advice manual based on Pliny's work and see how many people you could get to take it all quite seriously.


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