May. 16th, 2007 10:32 pm
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9 episodes in and someone has finally mentioned the NHL! Yes.

I think the break did me good, but I still like Aki more than anyone else. I suspect this is not at all a typical reaction, but really though Halu is rather smashing until he actually showed some emotion and freaked out on evil architect boyfriend I was not madly convinced by him. As for architect boyfriend, um, you know, when you love people and go off to work for their good there is a thing called the phone. You use it to phone people and stay in touch so THEY KNOW YOU LOVE THEM AND DON'T THINK THEY'VE BEEN ABANDONED.


ETA: I also should add that I saw Yutaka Fukufuji play his one and only game so far in the NHL. It's the first time a Japanese born player played in the NHL. It was also the first time I've seen what was a 4th (or 5th?) string goalie actually play in an NHL game.

ETA 1: New coach also appears never to have noticed quite how many NHL players have wives and kids and balance that well with playing hockey. This is not a religious order!

ETA 2: Oh, for the ending. And yay for Aki. I am sorry but I quite love her and her dignity, tattered though it may be at times. The scene in the last episode where she turns the television off rather than see the photo or find out the actual truth? And it's not because she's weak but because she wants to maintain her balance and her dignity as far as she can. She is really like someone of the last century. (Can you tell I've always secretly approved of the Victorian art of repression?)


May. 8th, 2007 07:21 pm
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There is something wrong with my second disc of Pride; it does not want to play beyond mid episode 9! I am in two minds about this. I quite like it and when do you get to see a Japanese take on hockey, after all... But I have rather issues with Halu, who I rather like despite the way he is written than because of it. I know maybe all this got resolved in the last two episodes, but I am worried.

I do spend a lot of time wondering where the image of hockey comes from, as well. Certainly it's a hard sport and people celebrate playing through injuries, getting back up after tremendous blows, etc, which is what Halu seems to understand. But it's blatantly a team sport and any player like Halu who said 'pass the puck to me because it doesn't matter that you're building a team of one star' runs counter to the rhetoric of the sport and would not last very long - I can't even imagine Jagr saying that. Or saying it publicly and before his team.

I know, I know jdramas aren't realistic, but still I find it hard to root for someone like him because of his attitude to the sport. It's hard to believe in a character who clearly has no idea of how hockey operates at its most fundamental level or any of the language of the game. Which is not to say that hockey doesn't have its goal hogs and superstars, but even they would find themselves in a lonely position if it ever came out that they had said something like that in the locker room. Hockey is not basketball. Or American football. It's a Canadian sport! It's as if someone presented an American drama about Sumo wrestling and decided that they should just have the wrestlers act like boxers puffing themselves up before a bout!

But it is interesting to see how other cultures consume a sport, even when it makes you twitch a fair bit.

Ah, I think I will take a break and watch more Mawang.

ETA: Also Griffith Park (near where I live) is currently going up in flames. There is mad activity around here. I hope they succeed in fighting it without injury or death.
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I am engrossed in Pride at the moment, but taking some time out to watch Mawang (The Devil) a Korean drama recommended by [ profile] alexandral who did a lovely picspam on it in her journal. Click here and scroll down for lovely, atmospheric pictures.

I'm only on the first episode but it has a lovely creepy feel to it, which is appropriate for a show about a serial killer. I haven't seen too many Korean dramas since I was a bit disappointed by Winter Sonata (which my local Asian TV station was playing) and by some of the others I've seen. I don't know...they all seemed to be shot on videotape and looked rather cheap. Of course, there were some issues with some of the subs I had for some of the ones I bought on Ebay as well. But this one is lushly shot and looks very sleek and disturbing. But I don't know when I will have time to watch it and all the other doramas I now want to see.

As for Pride I quite love it. Cut for spoilers )
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I've been afraid of watching this because it combines one of my great loves, hockey, and another thing I enjoy, doramas. I kept thinking about how it would be sure to disappoint and crush all my hopes of something mixing everything I enjoyed. It's about a Japanese hockey team and their star player who has a serious case of Bureism/Jagrism. Clearly the best player on the team he just seems to want the puck passed to him. As he is the captain I feel this is a terrible, terrible way to play and thus it will take me a lot of time to warm up to him even if he is played by Kimura Takuya who I really, really like as an actor.

I am only on first episode but I am quite enjoying it (sorry [ profile] koalathebear because I know you don't like this one). Though Halu, seriously, you should listen to new coach from NHL who actually knows what he is talking about, while clearly your old coach did not. I do not like old coach at all.

And the goalie should be madder. Goalies are always nuts and not well-balanced individuals. Have they not seen every hockey movie ever made? Or read about any actual goalies? Hmpph! And if Halu is a real skilled player surely he should be pining about playing in Canada? I know this doesn't have to be realistic, but every hockey player ever wants to play in North America. And preferably for one of the original six teams.

Plus there is not enough hockey. Not nearly enough.

ETA: Oh, now I feel bad because the old coach just died. Still, he wasn't terribly nice. Or a very good coach.

ETA 2: Despite sadness about the lack of nearly nekkid men in the locker room scenes (a terrible waste of fine manhood, that) I was strangely delighted by the fact that Halu took the heroine on a zamboni ride. That's a real sign of love.

ETA 3: Halu standing out heroine's door saying 'I kind of like those who are sad and suffering, never running away, but standing face to face with themselves...'? I think I might have expired in that scene.


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