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So as the rest of the episodes aren't subtitled online and I was wondering whether I should get the DVDs (I really, really liked the heroine. And the main actor, though playing a character I would like to throw in a pit with man-eating lions, is quite good. And easy on the eyes) I went and read some episode descriptions of the final episodes.

My conniptions become full out fits of FURY )
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I don't think it is quite normal to watch anything and absolutely love the heroine but want to stab EVERYONE else. No exceptions, except for maybe the wily not quite son who loves heroine but is not her OTP.

Bloody hell, I guess I am supposed to have some sympathy for wanker first love who gets engaged to rich girl but still doesn't want heroine to get married. Bastard! I would have him be the first to be nibbled to death by rats, followed by rich girl, useless parents, and, possibly, the petulant sick sister. Because that's the sort of person I am.

ETA: No, on reflection stabbing is too good for the lot of them. Including rich girl who is mad because first love of heroine whom she paid to have a relationship and get engaged to her doesn't love her. Really? How astonishing! But my primary hate is for hero and first love of heroine because he is not only a wanker but also mopey so he goes on about how bad he feels about it all. RAGE, SO MUCH RAGE, FOR THEM ALL. Except heroine who deserves much nicer people around her.

ETA 2: probably just as well there don't seem to be subtitles out past episode 14, because I would surely explode from the hate. So much hate for them all except for heroine and not quite son of company president.


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