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1. The fact that my paper is not only a pile of rubbish, it also a pile of completely and ridiculously complicated rubbish. That's the problem of papers which are distributed in advance - people get to see all the flaws in your argument at their leisure and can turn up with all sorts of witty and mean comments prepared. However, as it has to be sent off on Wednesday at least it will be out of the way for the long weekend...leaving me free to write two abstracts and work on another paper. But still I am getting a free trip to New York out of this and that's not too bad.

2. The blowouts in women's hockey at the Olympics. I know that this is pretty much a two team tournament but it is still pretty painful to see Canada and USA dominate to the extent that they do. It's not good for women's hockey in the long run to have such an imbalance and I worry that it may end up in having women's hockey yanked from the games. Both North American teams have a vested interest in seeing the rest of the world begin to improve and develop their hockey programmes more as a way to keep this game interesting, but it's just not happening that I can see. It's not much fun watching a blowout on the scale of 16-0 - nor is it even interesting hockey.


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