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Sometimes great books find great artists to illustrate them. Sometimes they have to do with inferior artwork. And sometimes terrible books get the art they deserve. Behold! I bring you the artwork of Cassie Edwards' ouevre. Plus my guesses at what the actual books are about.


In this touching tale of the old west the heroine swoons because the hero has a bigger chest than her. 'Don't worry!,' He tells her, 'it's amazing how much bustier you can look with implants and thrusting your nipples forward at everyone!'

Oh, there's much worse behind this cut. But you know you want to click )

Also you should all go to [livejournal.com profile] meganbmoore's journal and read the moving story of
Mighty Wang and Busty Girl
as retold by her from a Cassie Edwards' novel.
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While I was in Birmingham I happened to peruse the romance section in Waterstones. I will admit nothing, but I may have been looking for novels about pirates and the women who love them too much. And as far as the eye could see there were love stories featuring werewolves. Now, I don't mean to run down werewolves if they're your cup of tea but what about them shrieks romance? I mean, a vampire might suck your blood but at least you'd get eternally damned life in return; but with a werewolf what you'd get is being torn apart, shedding, and a boyfriend who you'd have to lock up every full moon. That sounds like kinky fun and games until you realise that it would involve beastiality and probable death for the girl if she tried anything at all.

So what is with the whole genre of werewolf romances? There were dozens of them, too, so it's not just some mad fetish thing. And when I checked Borders here, they were all over the shelves too, so it is a bona fide transatlantic trend. When did werewolves become the epitome of sexiness rather than the hairy, howling evil you will meet on the moor? And when did pirates fall out of favour?


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