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Mar. 31st, 2007 04:13 pm
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I just bought season 4 of Babylon 5 on DVD, so now I have something shiny to watch on the plane trip. I would have bought it on itunes, but sadly they only go up to season 2 for some mad reason which probably has to do with the creators personally wanting to offend me marketing. I think I stopped watching in season 3 when it was on so this should be full of lots of fun surprises. Yay!

Also I have seen the SGA wank about writing characters in an AU story as cats, which has to be the funniest wank I've ever seen. Well, among the funniest, at any rate (it must perhaps come second to the my little pony wank about taking ponies out of their boxes). I like how serious everyone is abut the whole thing, like the initial wanker made any sense at all. It is closely followed about by the older SGA wank (just discovered by me) about Ronon being cast as a barrista in a story.
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Thanks to the wonderful [ profile] meganlynn09 I have seen 'The Long Goodbye.' And it was excellent: there was fake love, possession by alien entities, cowardice among the officers (Rodney, I love you!) and also a confession of affection which will hopefully resonate. At least, alien possessor of his body said Sheppard cared for Elizabeth Weir more than he would ever admit, which is exciting and fertile ground for future angst and woe. I may well have to watch future episodes to see how this unfolds...


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