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So far I have watched two* kdramas with members of the Korean boy band Shinhwa in them. I will say this

a) the two singers are far better actors than I would expect.
b) these guys aren't scared to play complete bastards are they? Mind you, I think Eric did a better job of selling his character in Que Sera Sera, but that might be because his wasn't as evil as the 'hero' of 'The Person I Love.' This guy dumps his partner of 12 years (who put him through college) to marry completely batty Rich Girl, who then insists he kidnap his baby daughter so he won't have a tie with ex-partner. Lovely people. And, of course, he feels realllly bad about it all and also having his entire family hate him (as they should) but he still goes ahead and does it. And all to escape being not really poor, but just not having nice spending money and clothes. Oh and apparently he doesn't like taking the bus.

So is every member of Shinhwa required to play an utter wanker in Kdramas? They do it very well, but it seems an odd niche to carve out as boyband members. Are they offered no other roles? Hmmm.

*well, I gave up Que Sera Sera because the subtitled episodes ran out and I wanted to kill most of the characters, but I watched a fair bit of it and I haven't quite finished 'The Person I Love' yet. But if it ends with wanker deserter getting back with his partner there will be ranting! Yes.


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