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With gods in drag watching! How much do I love it? As much as I love the vacant expression in Hu Ge's eyes, that's how much.

But that was a long, long wait. And I think I may have to give up on this as my DVDs keep sticking at pivotal moments of angst and it's rather frustrating.

ETA: It seems as if disc 3 is fairly buggered, so I think I will have to give up on this as I can only watch about half the scenes.

ETA 2: Clearly the gods never want me to see the angstorama that is Winter Sonata. Or Endless Love. I have bought these two times and each time THERE ARE NO SUBTITLES. I am currently watching Shoot for the Stars. This is not a satisfactory substitute.

ETA 3: Holy god, is Shoot for the Stars bad. Plus the lead actress' voice goes through me like a knife. But it has Jo in Sung in it... I am caught in a terrible dilemma. CURSE YOU NON FUNCTIONING LITTLE FAIRY DVDS. *shakes fist impotently at the heavens*

ETA 4: When I say that Shoot for the Stars is bad, you'd better believe me. I am caught between loathing for the heroine and her soul destroying voice (seriously: it could probably depopulate planets) and also contempt for most of the other people. The illiterate want-to-be film star is rather nice but the rest of them...


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