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Oh, Kdramas, you manage to put Bollywood to shame with your medicine, which is a tremendous feat, what with Bollywood's penchant for magically curable blindness. Apparently in Korea leukemia can only be treated by an operation (which no one ever has the money for, of course). And eye cancer can be caused by a car accident. I have to admit the latter is my favourite crazy skience ever and it's got tough competition, such as the mystery illness of Spring Waltz which could also only be treated by an (obviously unaffordable) operation and [livejournal.com profile] dangermousie's current show, which has bullets lodged in brain which will kill the hero by some determined time.

And (in case you couldn't guess by this post) the heroine of Autumn Tale has just delighted me by having leukemia. She now lies wan and pale in a hospital bed with Playboy by her side, while Fake!Brother is off with suicidal Other Woman.

ETA: I am literally crying I am laughing so hard at Fake!Parents and Real!Mother each discovering that heroine has cancer. Real!Mother was wailing away and then Fake!Mother just keeled over sideways onto a chair. And Fake!Dad just widened his eyes as all the womenfolk wailed. IT WAS GLORIOUS.

ETA 2: I am ashamed to admit that there is a certain amount of ffing through the endless scenes of people wailing over the heroine's pale, wan face. But now we are galloping to the inevitable tragic ending.


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