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The Visitation is problematic in that it has Nyssa and Adric, a double whammy of horribleness.  But it also has people offering possets and Adric being all miffed that Tegan doesn't like him (Tegan always had excellent taste).   

Um, is it just me or is there something slashy about Tegan and Nyssa's relationship?  There's a lot of hugging, which means something  I am sure. And I sometimes like the way she shouts at Five and makes him pout. There is something seriously wrong with me.  Er, is there good fic out there about the pair of them?  Please do not judge me!   

Oh fine, go ahead and judge me, just point me to the fic!  I HAVE NO SHAME.

ETA: There is a very disturbing scene where Adric appears to be trying to have a look up Tegan's skirt while she tries to get them out of prison.  Little bugger.

ETA 2: Ha! Adric went out to save the Doctor and got captured. And Tegan and the Doctor have spent some quality time in a cell together. Admittedly there was a highwayman present and Tegan was under mind control, but it was a prison.  

ETA 3: You know, I don't think I mind Adric and Nyssa as much as I used to. Either I am growing more mellow in my old age or I am sicker than I thought.  Also if Tegan likes Nyssa (and she does) then there must be something about her that is okay.

ETA. Oh feck, this is getting ridiculous. Am now watching The Five Doctors.  With the Master and Time Lords wearing their usual horrible outfits. And sickness (and perhaps bitterness between the leads due to disastrous relationship) has made me think Romana II and Doctor Four, not as wondrous as I recall. Mind you, I am basing this upon three seconds on a punt, so it is not worth anything at all, in fact, it is a comment surely brought about by massive quantities of nyquil. 

 ETA 5 billion. Have retracted comments about everything for the moment of horror which is Five checking out Susan. There was definite looking and smirking until (Faux) One cut them off.  The Doctors are very disturbed.


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