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Well, the slightly creepy tale of Fake!Brother and Fake!Sister continues not to disappoint. Evil Real!Sister turned out to be, well, really evil and a trouble maker and an annoying sobber (heroine is a big believer in the single tear or just overflowing eyes). Anyway it was exciting to see Fake!Brother and Fake!Sister ran off together to live in a cabin in the country for a bit and made doomed plans to marry. But Playboy is still keen to marry her and is pressing his suit on her poor real mother and useless brother. Real mother wants her to be happy but useless brother wants the money. Same result either way.

As we're only on disc 4 I suspect heroine will bend and try and give in thus causing maximum angst for everyone. And then someone is going to die. I don't know that but I feel it coming as surely this won't turn out well. (Especially not as the hero has said they'll be happy. You know the kdrama gods are going to punish him for that one.)

You should all watch this so I'm not alone. It's excellent in a over the top melodramatic, creepy incest vibe sort of way.

ETA: OMG the Fake!Mum is going die of grief unless the Fake!Brother and Fake!Sister split up. WHATEVER WILL THEY DO???????

ETA 2: Other!Woman, who turned out to be nice and not evil, collapsed tried to commit suicide because of silent and disappointed love for the hero and can now only use her right hand. And now the hero has the DEEP GUILT. And Playboy is all cold to heroine because his love was crushed.

ETA 3: [livejournal.com profile] calixa suggested a new twist in our Ultimate Kdrama: the hero goes blind because of eye cancer (possibly caused by a car accident) and has to find his way across Korea and his childhood love by echolocation. AND! There will be a time travelling child who will say at the end of every segment of 'Seasons of Pain' that LOVE IS NEVER WRONG. Even when it clearly is. He will be very winsome and turn out to the child of the OTP. And their wrong, wrong love.
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Thinking more about the KDRAMA TO END ALL KDRAMAS (or alternatively the one krdama to rule all others) I realize that what this show needs is also the the crazy eyed other girl from Stairway to Heaven. Or maybe the one who is playing the Evil!Real!Daughter from Autumn Tale. She has the lips amd mouth of a wicked woman: if I met her in the street I'd know that's a wrong 'un.*

As there will be four seasons = four reincarnations of our rather luckless OTP there is also a crying need for four time periods to place them and their endlessly tragic love in. There has to be at least one period with slavery so the heroine and the hero can be sold into it together and have to comfort each other before expiring tragically and beautifully on some mountain peak. If they also have to write letters to each other in their own blood/tears that's an extra bonus.

ETA: Daniel Henney wil be cast and HE WILL GET THE GIRL. OR A GIRL. Plus Girlyman from My Girl. Except he's not so girly now since he became a conflicted amnesiac ex-cop in Thailand in Time of Dog and Wolf.

ETA for those of you who do not know what Daniel Henney looks like (for shame) here's a link to a picpam of the man himself: behold! the wonders of Daniel Henney

* Also, she is after the Playboy who is in love with Fake!Daughter. This will not end well, especially as Fake!Daughter has no money but an endless set of useless relatives. I do not think this is what people look for in a daughter in law.
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After giving up on Damo because I really didn't want anything that required actual thought, I decided to watch Autumn Tale, a charming tale of quasi-incestual love made by the wonderful people who brought us Spring Waltz and Daniel Henney as Philip. And it is exactly what I craved. Due to my discs sticking at one point I missed some important things but here are the basics. We have:

1. Fake!daughter who is mixed up with Real!Evil!daughter and placed with lovely people for about 12 years. Well, they're lovely till they find out she's not their real daughter and then they get all conflicted and allow her to go back to her real mother and forget about her while they live in the US for years

2. Fake!brother. Let me tell you, I was relieved when the reveal about the parentage of his Fake!Sister (aka Fake!daughter) came through because there was some fairly intense 12 year old lusting after his sister before then. It made me feel a bit unwell and twitchy watching it, but apparently I was not supposed to be horrified by the incest taboo being less potent than it should be because they were not really related

3. Some new guy who pops up when they are adults and is a playboy. I shall call him Playboy, of course. He manages to get the heroine fired after making her become his personal maid in a hotel and then mauling her. He then gets her reinstated in a way that makes everyone think they are sleeping together (well, think it even more). I am, I believe, supposed supposed to find him a bit madcap and charming and also feel sorry for him because his stepmother hates him and we see his dad slap him. He does get plus points for not having been reared for 12 years as the heroine's brother but not for a lot else.

4. Other Woman. I think she's nice, but it's early days yet. Sometimes they lull you into a false sense of security before unleashing the horrors of Other Woman machinations on you.

5. Random parents and evil other brother of the heroine. He used to be a thug but hurt his hand and now is focused on getting the heroine to go out with Older Man who I think is a gangster. He also beats the heroine for good measure because that's the sort of person he is.

6. Evil!Real!Daughter. I haven't met her as an adult yet, but she was pretty nasty as a kid, so I think she'll have matured into a fine monster

In talks last night [livejournal.com profile] calixa, [livejournal.com profile] meganbmoore and myself vowed to write the ultimate kdrama. It will be called Seasons of Pain (alternatively translated as Times of Agony and Endless Moments of Woe). It will be set in four different time periods and involve an endlessly reincarnated OTP who keep dying of various illnesses and causes. There will be at least 7 love triangles, multiple cases of amnesia, two types of terminal illness, death in the snow, death at the beach, etc. Rain will at one point star as a cabaret singer in Japanese occupied Korea whom the heroine must spy on and falls in love with only to find out he is her half-brother. They will then go and die in a field of yellow blossoms as swelling music plays and the audience weeps. Oh, and that random white guy who speaks Korean from Stairway to Heaven will show up. Because it's an international cast. And there will be a tough, conflicted homicide cop who is the son of a gangster who falls in love with a nun who runs an orphanage.



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