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[profile] cil_ros just posted an interesting link that discusses reactions to Ken Loach's latest film The Wind that Shakes the Barley.  (It's at http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/story/0,,1791178,00.html for anyone who is interested.)

I haven't seen the film myself, though I will when it hits here, so I can't say if it is the evilest film ever or a fair account of a miserable historical period, but the reactions that the piece quotes annoyed me every bit as much as they did her.  The film (about the Black and Tans in Ireland in 1920-1) apparently is horrific because it drags the "the reputation of our1 nation through the mud," etc, etc. Of course, the people who say most of these things haven't seen the film, but why let that interfere with criticizing a film for documenting history?  How foolish of Ken Loach for not rolling over and realising that those 2 years represent the most marvellous period in British rule over Ireland.  And making films where he would celebrate that fact.

You know, if you want to see a film about the wonders of colonialism and its effects, perhaps you should go out and make one.  And, obviously, you could pay some people to dance in festive ethnic costumes saying how lovely it is have their houses burned from over their heads.  Why, the film would write itself. Actually, now I think of it, you could probably just rewatch some nice films made in the 30s which would comfort you with the knowledge that people really, really enjoy being governed by other people who despise them and torture and shoot them. 

1In the interests of clarity, 'our nation' = Great Britain. 


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