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And so I have finished season one and I have enjoyed it mightily. But I have questions! And points to make!

Cut for spoilers for season one )
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I recently bought the first season of this and am now just watching it. I don't know why I didn't like it the first time around, because I am really enjoying it. I really remember the dialogue annoying me first time around but I can't imagine why because now I think it is rather well written.

I wouldn't say it's my favourite thing ever, but it is quite excellent. I really like Veronica (though it's hard to believe that anyone quite as cute and nice as Veronica would ever be completely ostracized. But high school is a harsh, harsh mistress) but the supporting cast is what really gets me. From Wallace to Weevil they are all rather marvellous. Though I am not feeling any Logan love, which I think I am supposed to. Does it pick up later on in the season?

The only thing I was really appalled by was that they gave Paris Hilton a role! It nearly made me stop watching when her giant, blonde bobble head popped up.

ETA: Veronica Mars makes me want to post witty, clever, snarky things, but I can't think of anything astonishingly witty to say. Perhaps you could imagine this as bitingly clever in the manner of an 18th century wit?
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Rome: how I do love you. Except that you have made Cicero all squirrilly and that's rather sad.

For Rome spoilers. Though I always feel a little odd about this as they are spoilers about historical situations. )

And for a bit I have not been filled with glee, but I decided to focus on the positive and think about shiny happy things. Like the fact that I recently had a lovely lunch with someone I haven't seen for a while and she was a lot of fun and we bitched about my horrible colleagues and mad people in general. And on Saturday I went to hear Ray Wylie Hubbard twang his guitar in McCabe's and HE WAS AMAZING. It wasn't just the music - he told these hilarious stories about living in Poetry, TX and goats wandering in the yard and him thinking they were the devil and writing songs about it. This is not the sort of music I normally like and it was prefaced by a rather odd band who sang songs with horrid lyrics but he still made it all wonderful.

Also I just bought Season One of Veronica Mars on DVD. I have never seen it but everyone says it is great and so I look forward to it. Yay for things to watch!

Um. One last thing. I have recently gotten interested in Star Wars (the prequel) again. To the extent that I have actually rented 'The Phantom Menace' to see if it as bad as I recall. It can't honestly be, can it?


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