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Look at this great icon I got from [livejournal.com profile] ginger001. Is't it wonderful? (These roles are why I cannot watch Hugh Laurie in House without wondering when his character is going to turn out to be very silly and short a few brain cells)

But also I was wondering if people had any recommendations for anywhere on the internet one could go to look for nice hair style. I want to do something different with my hair and can't find any place that does go mad with the pop ups or isn't just bizarre. I am particularly looking for short (chin length) hair styles.

And a word of advice; do not go to lj communities about hair. They are terrifying! I can't get over the number of 'elite' communities there are out there for hair and people who believe firmly in their own glorious fabulousness. Why do people make these communities? How sad is your life that this the arena where you are chosing to prove your eliteness? Surely you are confusing the internet with real life here. (Not that I like those people in real life, but at least it makes some sense there as there are probably rewards to be got and such.)

And this reminds me of the moribund icon community I made ages ago to mock elite icon communities (it's called [livejournal.com profile] elitismbegone; our motto was 'they're only tiny pictures, people!')

And I just thought of something else, which is not related at all. You know what show I really don't like? That English What not to Wear (I've never seen the American version). I'm all for telling women what shapes, styles, etc. suit them, but the two frumpy* women who front the show invariably must berate their subjects, make them feel rubbish about things that they obviously really get great pleasure from, and then jam them into at least one outfit that they define as 'sexy' and the subject is obviously completely uncomfortable in and will probably never wear again. They make me angry every time I see their smug little faces.

*Yes, you heard me right. I do not think they dress particularly well at all. They just say they do several times a show so you end up believing it.


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