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Jun. 8th, 2008 10:15 pm
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While on the hunt for something that may or may not have been fanfic* I came across some hilarious Christian reviews of this film. Now, I'm not mocking the idea of a Christian review (I remember there being an interesting site out there that used to have some great discussion about the deeper moral issues that one could find in some surprising films) but these are just so over the top that it's hard to not giggle.

Here's a sample from one:

"There were two aspects of the story which I found objectionable. The character Catherine has a scene of passionate embrace with her fiancé. The display of pre-marital sex is mildly offensive. The greater offense of that scene is from knowing that the actress is, in real life, married to the director of the movie. Acting does not justify adulterous behavior [see note below].

The second objectionable part of the story is Catherine's vocation of feminist activist. It's intended to be a display of virtue, but from a Biblical perspective I believe feminism is largely an act of rebellion against God's intended order. Fortunately, one of Sir Robert's strengths is his confident opposition to Catherine's feminist ideals."

These are the two things that you should know to put the above two paragraph in perspective:

1. Catherine's 'passionate embrace' is a kiss, a short one, with the man she is planning to marry.

2. Her feminist activities are about getting votes for women. Such a radical notion! And for all Sir Robert's 'confident opposition' to her ideals that is going to happen.

For anyone who hasn't seen this - well, you should. It has the wondrous Jeremy Northam in it for one, and a marvellous understated love story. Oh, there's something about a father fighting to clear his son's name, but that bit is less important.

*There is none. This saddens me because I was hoping for repressed Edwardian wooing.
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I love this film. It's a David Mamet film, which is why I saw it in the first place, but it's very different from his usual films. It's a quiet film adapted from a play by Terence Rattigan, which is based on a true story. Essentially the plot is this: a boy from a middle class family is expelled from a naval academy (they say he has stolen another boy's postal order). His father ends up taking the whole thing through a sequence of court cases, which saps most of the family's money. There is also a suffragete and socialist sister, a caddish fiancee, a conservative barrister (who is also an M.P.) and a repressed Edwardian love story. How can you resist?

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