Jul. 4th, 2007

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There has been an update on the bunny translation front thanks to [livejournal.com profile] outeeyore: it all might have to do with a confusion over a word for 'of course.'* I will have to ponder deeply on this one and think about what it truly means to all of us to say 'that is bunnies.' Is it deep wisdom of the sort we should not just discard in mockery? Does it hold the key to the universe? I don't know: all I know is 'that is bunnies' will be a phrase I try to use at least once a day. It has a certain calming quality.

There were many things which were left unexplained in Spring Waltz, not the least being the hero's unfortunate haircut. But at the moment I am also wondering why he slept in jumpers/sweaters. No, really, he did: this man wore knitwear to bed. Do they not heat Korean hotels? Or maybe he just wanted to be ready to spring out of bed and play piano without having to look around for clothes? Or was it fear of abandonment? These are deep waters indeed.

In other thrilling news, I went to a nice get together for 4th of July but was almost hit by at least 2 drunk drivers on the way home. NOOOOOO! Not the car! I've just spent $1,800 getting that wretched flashing light and beeping noise of DOOM fixed.

*And this brings up one of the things I love about LJ. I post my despair over subtitles and this strange phrase and I get several people hunting about for an answer. It's quite smashing and I've learned all sorts of other interesting things about Korean and Chinese in the process. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions and help! It is more than bunnies, it is surely (at least) an Irish Hare. :)

ETA: Er, what's a good beginning learn Korean book? I've watched so many of these dramas now that I understand some things but if I theoretically wanted to go further what would be something good to read?

ETA 2: And in strange language things, I was remembering when my sister lived in Holland for several years and learned Dutch - except she spoke it with this heavy German accent. According to her teacher this often happened with Irish people who learned the language. Very strange and not really the accent you want with Dutch.


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