Mar. 13th, 2008


Mar. 13th, 2008 01:41 am
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Today I came home and fell asleep at 7.30 and then woke up lying on my bed, still fully dressed at 11.30. What the hell? Now it's 1.30 in the morning and I can't sleep. I am thinking of blaming Eliot Spitzer. In fact, I may blame him for everything from now on as it will probably make me feel tons better. And I think I will only read about puppies and Korean soaps for the next while. And if they disappoint me there will be crying and wailing and gnashing of teeth and possible internet withdrawal for a while.

Anyhow! I've been wondering about starting to watch Stargate. I've seen a fair few episodes recently but all from different seasons. The problem is: 10 seasons? That's a pretty big time commitment and I actually don't usually finish TV series if there's more than 4 seasons to catch up on. I barely got to the end of Babylon 5 - and I only made it through because of my deep Delenn love. (And Susan. But, woes, she was gone at the end! And replaced with the Scoggins abomination.) I never finished Farscape. So I think the odds of me getting through 10 seasons of anything are pretty low. Is there are particularly good season* that I could watch? Or could I start in one of the later seasons?

*And by particularly good I mean 'with lots of Carter.'

ETA: I've gotten really bad about keeping up with people's birthdays. But Happy Birthday to [ profile] nutmeg3!

Bad Love

Mar. 13th, 2008 05:55 am
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I gave up on sleep and decided to watch the last two episodes of Bad Love. I haven't finished yet but I will be sad when it's all over. I can't decide what delighted me more in the last few episodes, but I think that it might be Eyebrows' writhing in the midst of his (terminal) illness. By about episode 17 he would keel over anywhere. And then he lay wan and sickly on his hospital bed calling for the heroine. That was good stuff.

ETA: But, God, kids on kdramas are always irritating. The one on this is sickly sweet and extra annoying. Just like her crazy giant-haired mother. But hopefully without being prone to random assaults of people who catch her shoplifting.

ETA: I think my next dorama might be 'Hello Francesca,' which [ profile] caerbannog described as "about a family of vampires who decide to leave Romania in search of safer places to live, but due to an unfortunate shipping area, they end up on the wrong boat to Seoul. Fortunately, despite being Romanian, they're also asian and speak Korean as well. Then they make some Korean guy a vampire as well so they can crash at his apartment and sponge off of him."

Doesn't that sound just great*? I can't wait to see how they portray Romania after the mad vision of Ireland in 'Ireland.'

And all you Legend (the Kdrama) fans should go to her journal and look at this picture: Mighty Wang!

*This, of course, may depend on your definition of great.
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You know how I said I was going to look at only things on puppies and Korean drama and be all cheery as a result? Well, today one of my colleagues was giving a talk on Egyptology under the Nazis - and GOD. I know about the classics stuff but I think familiarity with it makes it less depressing. But hearing about a sister discipline and all the horrendous people becoming enthusiastic Nazis and shiving their old friends who didn't tow the party line in the ribs was just.... Actually I don't have words. And then the speaker read off some of their obituaries which talked about how these former Nazis had suffered for periods after the war (not all of them, mind you) and how terrible this was that they spent some years without posts. Of course, they didn't mention the Nazi bit because you'd have no sympathy for the bastards.


ETA: But there was one guy who had left Germany in the late '30s and was asked after the war to write about what he knew about the Nazi activities of various professors. Of one (Grapow)* he said among other things about him holding Nazi meetings at his house that he "was the meanest Egyptologist of them all." And of another he wrote "as to his character I cannot describe it for he has none." There were other good stabs in there but god - one of them, Kees (I think) was considered too important to one university to even have his career suspended after 1945. So despite having turned in some Belgian scholar for writing articles that were unNazi and multiple other things he gets to keep his nice cushy job. Bastard of bastards.

(Grapow after Franck, a Nobel laureate, resigned his chair in Physics in protest at Jewish colleagues being driven out and sacked, organized 42 other academics to write a telegramme asking for faster purging of undesirable elements from the universities.)


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