Jan. 10th, 2009

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So far I am quite delighting in Beautiful Days though may not for all the reasons the creators intended. In particular, I find it hard to believe that little 'sister' of the heroine (they're not related but grew up in an orphanage) could be considered a decent singer by anyone no matter how tone deaf or whatever hatred of decent music they had. They keep playing scenes of her singing for various auditions and I think we're supposed to believe she has talent, but MY GOD IT'S LIKE A CAT BEING STRANGLED. And that's probably being overly critical of the cat.

So far
1. No one has died
2. All younger siblings, whether truly related or not, should have been drowned at birth
3. Someone screams at someone approximately every 10 minutes (this is not an all time high for Kdramas. In fact, by many standards it's practically restrained)
4. Evil dad is evil
5. Stepmother (uniquely in all Kdrama) is not evil
6. Hero has yet to impress. He needs more angst. Real angst, not this 'my dad brought a woman home with a kid who was probably his bastard son days after my mother died' low-grade stuff. Compared to what most Kdrama heroes have to suffer that's nothing
ETA: 7. Younger 'sister' of Heroine is totally around the bend. Can't sing, can't dance, and totally around the bend. That's a lovely mixture.


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