Jan. 30th, 2010

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As I am having to read sections of Pliny the Elder's Natural History over the next while I feel compelled to share with you some of his gems of cures. Did you know that a sheep's lung tied around the head will aid with curing brain fever? But it must be warm! I can only hope that Pliny informed his readers of this delightful cure with a woman's bra wrapped around his head to relieve his headaches, (another one of his cures, and one of the few we know he used). Pliny: the ever reliable treasure trove of the completely insane.

ETA: But that does not even compare with this method of making a woman want sex. Take three hairs from a female mule plucked while it is having sex and weave them together. I strongly suspect you make your slaves get those ingredients. But if you keep the mule around afterwards you can kiss its muzzle to cure your colds. Given the way Pliny phrases this it is clear he tried it at least once.
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I would enjoy Hockey Day in Canada more if it were not for my deep, unreasoning hatred for Sidney Crosby. Every time that piece with him droning on about hockey comes on, I want to throw things at the screen.
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I have decided to buy a region free DVD player so I can buy terrible TV from many, many countries. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or are they all the same?


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