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lesbiassparrow ([personal profile] lesbiassparrow) wrote2008-11-16 03:50 am
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I may or may not have ordered season 2 and 3 of Highlander. How can you not love a show with

1. Mountain men who MOVE LIKE COUGARS

2. Evil mimes

3. Joan Jett drowning helpless women in ornamental ponds and then killing off a baby for good measure

4. Highway men and many (so many!) bad wigs and even more terrifying accents.

But, God, I loathe Boy Wonder. I understand he's here for the duration too. I also spend a long time wondering whether immortals are born smug and (mainly) bonkers and homicidal or if they get that way after years of living on the whole really pointless lives. They're not really very bright either: no one ever seems to wonder why there 'Can be only one' or who made the rules in the first place. Instead, they just whip out the swords and start chopping. As a strategy developed over milennia it seems somewhat lacking.

ETA: Man, Amanda is irritating. Didn't she get her own show? That strikes me as a bad decision.

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