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Holy god, that was genuinely, painfully bad. And not in an entertaining way. The Irish accents!* The Gaelic! The complete lack of acting ability by anyone attached to the episode. Crazy, emo Macleod with horrific hair having it off with the 'Irish' terrorist was just horrible icing on the Do Not Want Cake. And why does Duncan always want to save people who've slaughtered their way through vast swathes of people?

I am still having problems with working out where the Immortals put their swords most of the time. They always try and convince me that they've had them strapped to their backs even though clearly this IS NOT TRUE. Or under the smallest jackets in the world. Look, that fecking sword is several feet long; ain't no way you were hiding that.

*I cannot work out why they always hire people with such terrible accents. There's plenty of Irish actors to go around! You could probably get one cheap!

Date: 2008-11-27 08:37 pm (UTC)
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I never thought I'd say it...but yes. They even had her say a few words of Gaelic in the most dreadful accent too, just for good measure. (But perhaps not as bad as the Irish accents on Heroes, though. I think they're the worst I've ever heard, because clearly they rounded up several actors who couldn't do the accent!)


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