lesbiassparrow: (THEY MOVE LIKE COUGARS)
lesbiassparrow ([personal profile] lesbiassparrow) wrote2008-12-07 09:01 pm
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Highlander: finally, an immortal with sense

I've spent vast quantities of my time wondering why immortals, who are generally total wankers anyway so it's not an issue of morality, fight it out by walking up to their victims, announcing their intention to be the only one, pulling out their giant sword and then fighting it out. If I were an immortal with no morals I'd shoot other immortals and then chop off their heads. Clearly, super evil immortal from the Fine Young Cannibals had the same brilliant idea. I APPROVE VERY MUCH OF THIS.

Also you know Duncan is getting on my nerves when I watch an episode of Highlander and side with Ritchie. With Ritchie. That's like the earth turning out to be flat.

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