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lesbiassparrow ([personal profile] lesbiassparrow) wrote2009-02-15 08:21 pm
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It's politics *and* Highlander. That makes it an extra special post.

Why on earth did the Democrats allow Roland Burris to take his seat? Surely they had to know that it would come back to bite them on the arse? Or are they actually that stupid? Maybe best not to answer that one.

And my Highlander viewing continues. A lot of Duncan's problems could be easily solved by, you know, not being a self-righteous git and telling people things once in a while. Like in the one with the 19 year old girl who had just turned immortal and who is rescued by him from the morgue. Duncan, of course, tells her to stay hidden and then heads out on some important errand or other. Does he tell her why she should stay hidden, like because other immortals like to wander around and chop each others heads off and she doesn't know how to fight? Nooooo, because then she might actually listen. Instead she senses another immortal and does what any 19 year old would do and heads out to see what's up. When it turns out he's skeevy dude who likes to get fresh young immortals, cart them round the world, and then whore them out as bait for the luring of other immortals, does Duncan tell her this? Or that he knows about it because of personal experience and how he knows that Skeevy Dude chops off their heads? OF COURSE NOT. The natural outcome is that she thinks that maybe Skeevy Dude is not so bad and cavorts on boat with him.

However, I must admit to finding the episode with the demonic immortal kid quite pleasing. That child actor was pretty good at being evil. There should be an evil Highlander show with him and Marc Singer. THAT WOULD BE GREAT.

ETA: And! I am reading an awesome version of Madame Bovary written by the great sensation novelist M.E. Braddon. I shall post on it later, including the scene where one of the characters describes how he could turn The Vicar of Wakefield into a sensation novel. That's really awesome.

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