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I am finally back watching kdramas, starting with Last Scandal in which I want to smack almost everyone. I know it's unfair but that includes the doormat heroine. I can only get through it by leaning on the FF button very hard.

So far:
1. More bad perms an episode than I can count
2. No one has shown any signs at all of expiring from a terminal illness or having inappropriate stepsibling love
3. There have been about 80,000 aigoos
4. Evil other woman (also with bad perm) has returned to doubtless torment people as she strokes her Persian cat (not kidding about that: she has a white Persian cat, which how I knew she was evil the moment I saw her. I expect her to say 'no, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die' any second now)

ETA: Decided to switch over to Cain and Abel for a bit. I bet everyone dies in that one, given that it starts with the hero collapsing in a bloody mess after struggling across a desert.

ETA 2: As warned by [livejournal.com profile] dangermousie people are remaining distressingly manpainfree in Cain and Abel. Lots of emo doctor standing around is about it. Complete with graphic surgery, which as I know from lots of kdramas is necessary to cure all ailments in Korea.

In unrelated news I really wish that my neighbours upstairs would stop building the Ark or whatever the hell other woodwork project they have going up there.
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