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The Scarlet Pimpernel (1998)

So...yes, without Marguerite this is a thin and pale shadow of itself. Though there have been many disguises. So there's that. Though unaccountably he has not dressed up as an elderly woman yet. And there has been manwhoring! With Marguerite barely cold in her grave, too!

And the last episode has the most annoying heroine ever. Well, maybe she and The Girl from Transformers 3 would fight it out for people who I'd like to see shot into space. I think I am supposed to feel sympathy for her, but all I can think is that really the Pimpernel was not on his game when he saved her. She was born for the guillotine.

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Puts fingers in ears...lal lal alalalala...not listening...Marguerite not dead...not listening...Pimpernel not fooling around with other women. no nope no way not going to believe it. Etc. Repeat.

Now, if that was in the original book, what was the Baroness de'whateverhernamewas thinking?