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Mar. 13th, 2008 05:55 am
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I gave up on sleep and decided to watch the last two episodes of Bad Love. I haven't finished yet but I will be sad when it's all over. I can't decide what delighted me more in the last few episodes, but I think that it might be Eyebrows' writhing in the midst of his (terminal) illness. By about episode 17 he would keel over anywhere. And then he lay wan and sickly on his hospital bed calling for the heroine. That was good stuff.

ETA: But, God, kids on kdramas are always irritating. The one on this is sickly sweet and extra annoying. Just like her crazy giant-haired mother. But hopefully without being prone to random assaults of people who catch her shoplifting.

ETA: I think my next dorama might be 'Hello Francesca,' which [ profile] caerbannog described as "about a family of vampires who decide to leave Romania in search of safer places to live, but due to an unfortunate shipping area, they end up on the wrong boat to Seoul. Fortunately, despite being Romanian, they're also asian and speak Korean as well. Then they make some Korean guy a vampire as well so they can crash at his apartment and sponge off of him."

Doesn't that sound just great*? I can't wait to see how they portray Romania after the mad vision of Ireland in 'Ireland.'

And all you Legend (the Kdrama) fans should go to her journal and look at this picture: Mighty Wang!

*This, of course, may depend on your definition of great.
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I am thinking of buying a digital camera. I used to have one but it has vanished like the snows of spring somewhere never to be found again. And, besides, it was a cheap one bought in Italy after the old one was stolen in Rome by wicked thieves with no honour. Does anyone have any recommendations? I don't need anything too sophisticated. In fact, simple and idiot proof is really ideal.

And bonus part of post: favourite scene so far of Bad Love is eyebrows keeling over in a coffee shop and writhing in agony for a minute before the hero notices anything is amiss behind him. Apparently Eyebrows has a tumor! It's like Stained Glass all over again but I suspect he won't walk into the sea in this one. Hopefully that means that the hero and heroine also won't have to feel all guilty for ten years before they get together.

ETA: Evil wife is drinking wine from the bottle because hero and heroine have gotten back together and now she is wailing at him about it and saying that the heroine ruined her life. Get a grip, woman! You ruined your life because you're a hideous bint with no sense of boundaries or limits. I wish someone would clonk her on the head and put her out of her giant haired misery.

ETA: Oh! I've been watching the Stargate series (the original not the Atlantis one) on Space (Canadian SciFi equivalent). It's strange because all I ever see are random episodes so I don't have much of a sense of any storylines. But I have questions!

a) Is Daniel the one all the alien babes fall in love with? Doesn't he have a dead wife or something? Shouldn't he be off being emo about her and not jumping alien babes?
b) Why don't people fall in love with Carter? She's cute and competent and people should be in love with her.
c) Do they actually have a reason for jumping through gates or do they just do this because they can? Or are they really scoping out new locations for McDonald's franchises?
d) Why did McGyver get replaced with Farscape people?
e) Why isn't everyone in love with Carter? I will keep asking this because I feel they should be.
f) Is Teal'c ever not stoic?
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1. Not written my paper for next weekend. I shall be reduced to summarizing the plot plus a festive interpretive dance

2.Seen the horror that is Red Dawn. Or about 15 minutes of it; that's got to rank highly up there on the crappiest films ever made category. This prompted me to look up that other dreadful show about the Soviet Union taking over America, Amerika. If you go to imdb to look up this treat be prepared to be very entertained by the comments there about how true this is and how this would have happened if Bush (either one of them) had not won their elections. In 2000 someone wrote this gem "The only thing detrimental about this series was its length. But that was probably the best way to demonstrate the gradual takeover of our country by communists. It demonstrated perfectly how our freedoms can be taken away, not with a single hard swipe, but incrementally one by one until there are no more. I am still surprised that this series came out of Hollywood, knowing their far-left political bent." Hahahhaha. I wonder if they're still thinking the threat to civil liberties comes from communists in 2008.

3. Gotten annoyed at all of the secondary characters in Bad Love. Feck off with trying to tell me I should have sympathy for evil wife's woes, because I refuse to. YOU HAD AN AFFAIR TOO!!!!! So stop with the 'you evil woman! you slept with my husband, etc.!' moaning. And Eyebrows? You sending in a doppleganger of the hero's first love and then saying that you didn't intend any misery to occur to the heroine is just trying to have your cake and eat it.

4. Spent an inordinate amount of money on hair and spa visit. So even if my paper doesn't get finished I will hopefully have great skin.

5. Watched many ads for 10,000 BC and been astonished that this a) isn't a SciFi channel production and b) people expect you to spend good money going to see this.

ETA 6: Decided I really like the genre of creepy island films, the best of which is the old Wicker Man. Having been raised on one I like the idea that everyone thinks that we are all having good, crazy times abducting tourists, having great times at pagan rituals, and living forever by using other people's blood.
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I'm up to episode 11 and I am delighted that we have finally a (sort of) return of the Giant Hair. Wife is also still crazy and puppy hating and so deliciously evil that she is running neck and neck with Crazy Eyes from Stairway to Heaven for sheer entertainingness.

Cut for spoilers for a show you will probably never watch. And pictures of Giant Hair )

I am quite excited by the sheer number of WTF doramas I have the opportunity to watch: the one about the man stalked by deer and, of course, RH+, that excellent show about gay, teenage vampires who fight crime and other vampires with silverware.
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So naturally I love it. In fact, I am thinking of admitting the obvious and calling this journal 'I only watch rubbish. Don't bother recommending things to me unless they are total, absolute crap.'

This is a kdrama replete with angst, dreadful romantic choices, premarital affairs, evil, Giant-haired women who attack shop assistants, and classical music. AND SO MUCH MORE. It also has had the educational effect of informing me that in Korea adultery is an imprisonable offence. Really!

Angst and giant hair this way! )


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