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I might have to give up on this, I think. Basically it's the same every episode: Icy Hero is icy, Ugly Brother is ugly, Annoying Sisters combine to make me think that the author clearly had issues with their siblings, Heroine is enduring, and no one is dies of terminal illness that makes you both wan and strangely attractive. Plus, Hero really needs to move on with his family issues. Admittedly, Dad is a horror show but just get over it with your stepmother and stepbrother and the fact that your dad moved his bastard child and actually rather nice mistress into your house right after your mum died. Or bloody well move out. Or something. Don't just go around being all woobified at whatever age you are. Grow a fecking spine - there are far, far worse Kdrama fathers out there. Until your dad has beat you have to death with a golf club, you're only in the amateur leagues.

ETA: I think I shall watch Save the Last Dance instead. Someone has amnesia in that one, which always makes for superior kdrama angst.
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1. Younger 'sister' of heroine is an actual techno singer in real life. Last night I watched some of her videos in entranced horror. She really is that bad of a singer in actuality as well as in Kdrama. That's got to be some of the worst techno I have ever heard. And I've heard a lot of bad techno so I know whereof I speak.

2. Stepmother continues to be saintly. Personally, I think she'd be well within her rights to smack younger sister of Hero. It would probably do her a world of good. My big beef against Hero is that he can't see that indulging her and insisting that their father's asshattery gives her the right to be a horrific and messed up human being is harming her, not helping.

3. So both little sisters battle it out for who I want to toss into the Han river first. I think the singer sister has an edge though; if I tossed her in those cold, icy waters I'd never have to hear her sing again. Or watch her 'dance.' Though I'd lose the opportunity to marvel at her impressively awful hair.

4. Hero and Heroine still not together. They need to ramp it up a bit because so far all I'm getting is family angst and as that involves the younger sisters and ugly brother this is not all that interesting.

5. Ji Woo Choi who plays Heroine has a lovely voice. Really soothing and lovely. I think it's the nicest voice among the Kdrama actresses. The worst, for the record, is whoever played the heroine of Shoot for the Stars.
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So far I am quite delighting in Beautiful Days though may not for all the reasons the creators intended. In particular, I find it hard to believe that little 'sister' of the heroine (they're not related but grew up in an orphanage) could be considered a decent singer by anyone no matter how tone deaf or whatever hatred of decent music they had. They keep playing scenes of her singing for various auditions and I think we're supposed to believe she has talent, but MY GOD IT'S LIKE A CAT BEING STRANGLED. And that's probably being overly critical of the cat.

So far
1. No one has died
2. All younger siblings, whether truly related or not, should have been drowned at birth
3. Someone screams at someone approximately every 10 minutes (this is not an all time high for Kdramas. In fact, by many standards it's practically restrained)
4. Evil dad is evil
5. Stepmother (uniquely in all Kdrama) is not evil
6. Hero has yet to impress. He needs more angst. Real angst, not this 'my dad brought a woman home with a kid who was probably his bastard son days after my mother died' low-grade stuff. Compared to what most Kdrama heroes have to suffer that's nothing
ETA: 7. Younger 'sister' of Heroine is totally around the bend. Can't sing, can't dance, and totally around the bend. That's a lovely mixture.
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I should be reading [insert boring book here] but instead I am watching Beautiful Days a Kdrama which promises delicious angst. Already in (halfway through episode one) there's been a murder, bastard children being brought home, step-sibling hatred AND an orphanage. I hope it keeps up the pace.

ETA: And could the heroine be crying when people mention the future BECAUSE SHE HAS A TERMINAL ILLNESS? No! Kdrama gods, you can't possibly that good to me.


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