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Honestly, I don't think I could love this more. At the end of episode 11 I even rather enjoy emo prince.

I shall cut this for [livejournal.com profile] calixa even though she has a wrong view of OTPs in the show.

cut for spoilers up to episode 11 )
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Hong Gil Dong is a Korean drama about the disgruntled son of a slave* and a government minister who almost accidentally becomes a Robin Hood figure. In the course of trying to just really do nothing good with his life he falls in with and saves a band of thieves, kills many thugs oppressing the common people, and is believed to have blown up the royal palace because it was built on the backs of the working people.

It's at turns funny and heartbreaking. Actually, a lot of the time it's really pretty dark because it doesn't hold back on the humiliations that people without status and money face. And worse than humiliation, the ultimate denial of any worth. Because it's got wuxia roots there some flying through the air fights but much of the writing has its feet firmly on the ground.

So far (episode 7) here are my thoughts:

1. I hate emo prince. I'm sorry but I do. What does he do really besides have ridiculously good hair and look emo? NOTHING, I SAYS.

2. I love Hong Gil Dong and his desperation to belong somewhere and to be at least seen as a person. And I've got to believe that the writers saw Robin of Sherwood at some point. The scene where he's surrounded in episode 7 and they shot arrows at him? The view of the essential horrible fixity of aristocratic privilege? It's so Robin of Sherwood.

3. I want to have the writers' babies for making me both laugh and cry in quick succession. And for feeding my horrible kink for heroism when people know all is lost but still fight on anyway.

*Who, to make his life thoroughly miserable, was beaten to death trying to run away with him so he could have a decent life.


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