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2006-04-30 06:46 pm

Characters that you cannot conceive of anyone ever disliking

I've got them, I am sure pretty much everyone else does: the character you fall so madly in love with that you are always completely startled when everyone else cracks out the hate. And then when you see that loathing posted far and wide you twitch a bit and feel compelled to defend them to the death, with pistols at dawn. Maybe you'd even risk ending up on fandom wank.

Okay, I am really hoping that's not just me.

One of my eternal fannish loves is Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes. Holmes was my first fandom and I was on a list filled with madly conservative people who constantly annoyed me and yet I hung in there for the Holmes and the Brett love. The closest I've ever gotten with being involved in a flame war was over the position of Victorian women and Brett's portrayal of Holmes. Honestly, I genuinely don't get it when people hate him and call him an overacting hack.* This is probably because I lack imagination and other essential things which would make me a better and more intellectual person, but in this case I don't care because I am quite clearly right about the wonderfulness of Jeremy Brett I have many scientific reasons that would convince you if only you'd listen.

I was wondering who is that character for people on my flist. Who do you honestly think is such an excellent character that you really boggle when people crack out the hate? Or if there's no one, why is that?

*And I strongly suspect that when people say this the baby Jesus cries.

also cut for hockey score for Canes/Habs game )