Aug. 24th, 2006 08:51 pm
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So I went to see KANK for a second time as it was being played in Pasadena as well for a few days, and that's a lot closer to me. And I loved it even more a second time around, though I still think the ending could have been tighter. But that is not why I write! The cinema it is being played in is an art house one, and when I went up to get my ticket the girl kept saying 'It's a Hindi film, it doesn't have subtitles. You won't understand it.' And I said that I wondered why it didn't have subtitles as the one in Artesia does and that's playing to pretty much an all Indian audience and that I thought they distributed them with the subtitles. And then I just said I didn't really care and that I'd take my chances. And I sat down and she had LIED. There were indeed subtitles. There were even subtitles for the trailers, which you don't usually get in Artesia.

The thing is she tried for about five minutes to persuade me that I didn't want to see the film because OMG! NO SUBTITLES. Why would you do this? Why would you not think, 'hmm, isn't it unusual that this one film has no subtitles. I wonder if I am right about this?' Also I could not find the cinema and when I called them from my cell phone all you get is a recorded message and you cannot get a real person for directions.

ETA: Someone on a board I post at said that they sat through a Bollywood marathon of four movies and felt like they wanted to kill themselves by film four. I am not surprised! That's probably at least 13 hours of viewing. I could not watch anything for 13 hours solid, not even Bollywood!
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When I was down at Artesia I bought a copy of Fanaa,* a film which I am astonished to find myself not hooked by at all. Which is strange given my mad love for Aamir Khan. It's got some good moments, but overall I don't know, I just don't think it hangs together despite some good scenes. Given that I am typing this as I watch the ending it doesn't really speak for it grabbing me.

Also what is it with Bollywood and blind heroines who get their sight back through the magic of science?

But on the positive side, the more I think of Kabhi Alvida naa Kehna, the more I love it with a mad love that knows no boundaries. Well, maybe not no boundaries, but certainly very few ones. If only it wasn't so much of a haul to get to Artesia I'd certainly be seeing it again.

*For anyone who cares, this is a film about a terrorist who romances an innocent girl, then leaves her, bumps into her in the mountains, gets back with her while being chased by the Indian army, etc. It stars the great and wonderful Aamir Khan as the terrorist and Kajol, as the formerly blind girl he romances and betrays. Compared to many Bollywood plots this is pretty straightforward and restrained.


Aug. 22nd, 2006 12:20 am
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I made icons. Yes! I used the crop tool to crop things and resize them. The images are from the film Kabhi Alvida naa Kehna, which was very lovely. This is one of Dev and Maya in the rain about to betray their partners.

Er, here are the other two:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sorry, it is doubtless silly to be so excited by managing the cropping tool, but I cannot help myself. In the unlikely event anyone wants them, please feel free to take.
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Yesterday I made the trek to Artesia to see this (I half wanted the over the top angst of Omkara but SRK was too tempting for one of the people I went with). It's an all star film about two couples whose various parties meet up at different stages and two of whom have an affair. The two that do are the very lovely Rani Mukherjee (Maya) and the also very excellent Sharukh Khan (Dev); Rhea is married to a man that she doesn't love and never did (the film suggests that she married him out of friendship and some poorly timed sense of gratitude), Dev is a former soccer star who has had a debilitating injury and now is a very angry man. Even with Maya, whom he falls in love with. Their spouses are nice people, but at least in Maya's case, entirely unsuitable for their partners. Everyone in this film has good intentions - Maya and Dev become friends because they are both in unhappy marriages and want to try and make them work - but well, it doesn't work out like that at all.

The New York Times is rather dismissive of this film as standard Bollywood fare with the singing and the dancing, but this is because whoever reviewed it quite clearly does not approve of these things in films and thus wishes that Bollywood would make totally different films that they can approve of: I got the impression they were miffed because the film wasn't French or something like that. As I like the singing and the dancing and the over the topness of Bollywood I wish someone would point out that not all cinema has to look the same.

But anyway! This film is often cheesy to be sure, but still quite good. Behind the cut are pictures of the lovely looking and angst-ridden people in the film. There are also some plot spoilers, but not for the ending.

Pictures, which are very much not dial up friendly )


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