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This has got to be the best website ever: Look at this lovely hamster. Pictures of hamsters with Shakespeare quotations! WHAT COULD BE BETTER?

In news of bad TV, normally it takes at least two seasons for me to get to teeth-gritting level of hatred that I have for Craggy Faced Policeman on Primeval. They managed it in one and a half episodes. Well done! When one of your witty, mavericky lines is "I couldn't tell if you were giving me an order or flirting with me. It's so hard to tell with women nowadays" you will induce nothing more in me than loathing and a strong desire to kick you.
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I have not been watching either Dark Angel or adaptations of Nora Roberts' books, though they are on my list of things to waste time on. Instead I have been catching up on the magnificent stupidity of Primeval. How these people make it out of any situation alive (no matter how mundane - they could probably get killed buying a loaf of bread) is beyond me. My favourite episode is the one where they are battling some giant killer water creature and they decide to a)go diving in an effort to track it down WITHOUT USING CAGES and b) Abby and Connor stand knee deep in the water for no good reason except so that they can be a yummy snack for something from a bygone age. They should just wrap themselves in bacon and roll around before the creatures and get it over with.
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So I started on the other two episodes of Primeval as it was on my ipod and thus suitable for gym and bus consumption.

Spoilers up to about the middle of 3.4 )

There's a TV series called Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire? Why was I not informed of this? I don't even know what this is about (except a guy and his flaming sword, of course) but it calls to me like a Siren to a Greek sailor.

Also. I'm going to confess that one of things I really enjoy about Primeval is just how deeply, deeply stupid everyone on the show is. If a situation with a killer prehistoric animal can be made worse by sending a person with no combat experience up against it with a tranquillizer gun while leaving your crack troops at home, they will. Never change, Primeval, never change.


Apr. 23rd, 2009 10:41 am
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Have just started watching the third season of this. You know, they could save a lot of time and money by just shifting their HQ to the shopping centre where the beasts inevitably end up. It's got some massive magnetic attraction for prehistoric animals of all shapes and size - maybe before you get into the anomaly there's a poster of the place saying "GO HERE FOR SNAX AND LOLZ. PLUS BARGAINS!". Sadly Cutter and Co. will always waste their time running vainly around other places before they try looking at THE SHOPPING CENTRE OF PREHISTORIC DOOM.


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