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I just saw this, the latest Shahrukh Khan film, and it was AWESOME. There was a lot of shouting and running and field hockey and most importantly Shahrukh Khan doing all of these things often at the same time. I now want to go out and shout Chak De! to people. And if I wouldn't die of a heart attack I would take up playing street hockey once more.

Cut for discussing the most awesome scene which is also obviously a spoiler )

ETA: And now I will destroy my cheery mood by watching the last two episodes of Silence. I keep having to pause this one because the angst is too much. It's almost superangst it is so powerful. The only way I keep myself going is by hoping that the evil dad gets run over by a truck or thrown out of a plane into the desert to suffer. IF THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IT WILL BE ONE MORE PROOF OF AN UNJUST UNIVERSE.

ETA 2: I thought it wasn't possible for me to hate Evil Dad anymore than I did. Turns out I was wrong. My hatred of him is so pure and burning it gets me through the angst in the other scenes because I am hopeful of a horrific fate for him. I just sit there devising new ones as the episodes go on.

ETA 3: Hey, Evil Dad? You know when you say that maybe god is punishing you? I'd take out the 'maybe' if I were you because I'm pretty sure any just deity would like to do so for your horrible treatment of your wife and son for over 20 years, breaking your son's heart, blackmailing his OTP into leaving him, firing half the workers in your factories, deserting your first wife and never taking care of your daughter by her, and sundry other offences including being a grade A wanker who is horrible to everyone around them.

ETA 4: Well, that was depressing. I think I've read happier Dostoevsky novels.
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Behold, [livejournal.com profile] calixa's post on death by flying carpet, surely one of the worst and most unexpected deaths to ever occur in wuxia. It is excellent and comes with many vivid graphics and hilarious commentary.

I continued in my watch of Silence. Wow, the hero's dad is a right bastard in excellent dorama tradition, isn't he? But I can never quite work out why the evil dorama dads are so ham-handed in their infliction of angst. Given a chance they will always organize a completely uncomfortable social situation where they will announce the hero's engagement and insult his OTP. The end result is always the hero stomping out, mother wailing, and complete estrangement of their only son and heir. Which is apparently okay because you will totally screw yourself and your family over in order to prove a point.

I still love Evil Secretary and Barbie Hsu lookalike. Though I can't work out why dad is such a twit as not to realise that she, as his illegitimate daughter whose mother he cast aside, might not harbour some resentment. I am a bit astonished that his company is still functioning given such examples of stellar judgment.

ETA: By my count Vik Zhou has had his brow mopped at least 57 times in the dorama. I tell you that the director is convinced he is Little Nell.
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I am deeply disturbed by how much better I feel that 'Time of Dog and Wolf' got once they started beating the living daylights out of the hero at least once an episode. I refuse to interrogate what this says about me but I am sure it is nothing good. (And the hero getting beat up is not a spoiler because I feel this is the sort of show where they will whack the living daylights out of him on regular basis because they can.)

And to prove it's not just physical pain I admire, I must confess that 'Silence' also got even better* once the hero found out that not only did he have little time to live because of liver cancer but that the heroine did not remember that they were childhood loves. Oh, the angst! And the shots of the hero looking attractively agonized as he dwelt on his unrequited love!

I am saving 'Coffee Prince,' a touching story of cross dressing and, er, coffee to cheer myself up after I have finished 'Silence.'


*And by better I mean even more likely to rip my heart out.
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1. Gave up on 'Sad Sonata' because there is only so much melodrama and cheese that even I can take. I lasted up till episode 12 or so, which is when the heroine impressed everyone in Korea with her singing, hero creepily decided not to tell heroine that he was still alive but spent huge amounts of time angsting and staring at her and her fiance having physical contact of any sort, and secondary male lead got punched by his dad for selling shares or possibly something else - I was a bit of a ffing machine by that stage. Anyway, I am sure it was one of the doramas where everyone dies unhappy and cries a lot and has terrible emotional crises at pivotal points in the episodes. Heroine was particularly drippy and annoyingly unappreciative and kept moping about her (not actually) dead first love when I felt she should have appreciated falling on her feet with secondary male lead.

2. Started watching multiple doramas at one time. This is probably not a good idea as I suspect I will get them horribly confused and wonder why there are not hot, tortured policemen in shows set in the world of fashion design. Or in coffee shops.

3. And relating to 2, I watched about about an episode and a half of 'Time of Dog and Wolf.' I felt a bit conned by so long being spent with childhood versions of Hero and Heroine at the start as I was really watching this for Joon Ki standing around being attractive and emoting and I was denied this for much longer than was surely necessary. I am not certain what I feel about this: I am not a huge fan of cop shows in general and although this isn't bad it very much is a secret service/cop show. With, of course, the kdrama standards of first love lost and forbidden passion.

4. Kept watching Silence, which is on course to rip my heart out by carefully and cunningly exploiting all the usual cliches. Damn you, and your skillful use of Vic Zhou angsting.


5. There's been a lot of gnashing of teeth about the fact that now all of the Doctor companions fall in love with him and then are lost and lonely once he dumps them because their time is up and they are no longer puppyish and attractive. I have the perfect cure for this problem: he needs to find a dorama hero or heroine who already has a first love. As anyone knows who watches a dorama, there is a 95% chance that you will die a sad and lonely person if you cannot find the person you fell in love with when you were 12 and you will never, never love anyone else once you have given your heart in the way that children do. So, basically all the Doctor needs to do is find himself one of those and it wouldn't matter if he regenerated into Jeremy Northam, Hugh Jackman, or whoever, they still wouldn't love him.* The downside is that they might end up dying tragically and beautifully on the console at an inconvenient time but that's a small price to pay for emotional peace in the Tardis.

* One of them resisted Daniel Henney. I think if you can cast aside Daniel Henney in your search for your first love, you'd easily dismiss David Tennant.


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